Surf and Sun in France !!!
 what is BON VOYAGE !

 An energetic and interactive French performance in your school

who will benefit from BON VOYAGE  ?

Designed for students up to and including Year 8 (some schools inc. Year 9).

Key Stage 2 and 3
why will students learn from BON VOYAGE ?

It includes key vocabulary from Key Stage 2 and 3  including: holidays, travel, directions, the weather, family, food,numbers, hobbies and interests

It is pitched to give students confidence in their ability to understand
and speak French

A high quality production, developed after over 10 years experience in educational language theatre, which includes comedy, music and slick physical theatre to ensure the students are focused and interested throughout 
The play makes French friendly and accessible and has been designed to engage todays young people.  
 It reinforces students learning and gives a truly memorable and positive experience of the French language. 

 what is BON VOYAGE about ? 

  Pierre flies into the sunny south of France for a surfing holiday with his cousin, Lola.  All Pierre wants to do is surf but getting there seems to be a struggle for our simple soul!
Lola tries to keep Pierre on track as they try out local transport and follow directions to the beach.  Finally they arrive at Surfers Cove - but whats happened to the weather, how can Pierre surf on an empty stomach and what happens if he is photographed riding a wave with his hair out of place ?!
Sun, sea and surf are all Pierre dreams about. Will he ever make it to the water to catch the ultimate wave?

when is BON VOYAGE touring ? 
NOW !!!!!
What do French teachers say about our performances?

The performance was outstanding. It covered all the topics that pupils have been studying since Y6. It allowed them to reinforce outside the classroom what they already had been taught in class. The show was very engaging and diverse. I would definitely recommend the company to other schools.

Kings Ely, Cambridgeshire

Outstanding performance - very talented and great for the pupils. The show was very clever in the way that it built in the French around the theatre and performance skills. Our pupils loved it, and it really helped us to extend our special school status through all subject areas."

Northgate High, Dereham

The production was absolutely brilliant! The French was superb and the actors were clearly highly enthusiastic about what they were doing and engaged the audience superbly. I have seen several productions from travelling companies and this was the very best by a long way. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to any school.

St Mary’s School, Shaftesbury.