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What do we do ?

We perform in four languages: English, French, Spanish and German.

We perform theatre for Modern Foreign Language, English and Drama students.

Founded in 1990 we have been touring our unique brand of theatre across Europe for over 20 years providing fresh inventive and highly entertaining performances to over 35,000 people each year.

Our aim is to break down cultural barriers through the use of language and drama.

We hope to leave a lasting impression on the students, which will motivate them to explore other cultures and stimulate their interest in learning another language so they may benefit from the doors that this can open.

Why choose The Flying Theatre Company?

Our performances are original. 

It is the company policy to make their productions at all times visually entertaining.

The texts are clearly spoken, so that the students can understand the story. Specific vocabulary is intergrated into the performance at the appropriate Key Stage level. 

The performances are very physical and draw on many skills to enable the students to enjoy the experience.

Comedy – scripts are tailored to the, often comedy, style of The Flying Theatre Company making every production unique and accessible.

Performances include a variety of the following; music, singing, playing of instrumentsI, illusions, mime,special effects and stage fighting. 

Circus skills- many of our performance include a variety of circus skills, which can include juggling, balancing – and other feats of daring do!

The Flying Theatre Company provides a very high quality professional      theatre experience, which many schools believe surpasses others in the field. The company comes equipped with its own full sound and lighting system ( when necessary), extensive set, props, costumes and multi skilled professional actors.

Give your students this opportunity to experience – REAL THEATRE.