What is : Le Tour De France ?

An interactive and motivational French performance in your school

Who will benefit From : Le Tour De France ?

Designed for KS2 and KS3 students .

Vocabulary from KS2 & 3 including Health, fitness, body parts, travel, sport, family, directions, food, hobbies and interests.

Why will students learn from : Le Tour De France ?

Pitched to give students confidence in their ability to understand and speak French.

It makes French friendly and accessible and has been designed to engage todays young people.

A high quality production developed with over 15 years of experience in educational language theatre. The performance combines comedy, music and slick physical theatre to ensure that the students are focused throughout.

It reinforces learning and gives a truly memorable and positive experience of the French language.

What is Le Tour De France about ?

George has been in training all of his life to attempt to win the famous yellow jumper. But as our innocent sportif goes on his quest forces are at work behind the scenes to thwart his honourable pursuit. George's bike has been stolen, how can he get it back and can Chantalle find the love of her life ? The audience accompanies George and Chantalle on their travels around the French countryside, ordering food in cafes, asking for directions, singing the Health and Fitness Rap.
They also meet lots of interesting characters along the way.

          What do French teachers say about our performances ?

A Fabulous experience ! Thank you so much for performing for our year 8 and 9s.

They  ( and we ) thoroughly enjoyed it. You covered so many topics, your enthusiasm was infectious, and we absolutely loved  the interactive nature of the production. Very funny and educational. We will definitely re-book and look at productions in other languages from you.

Cirencester Deer Park School.


Excellent production, fun and engaging. Accessible vocab with lots of repetition , magic and acrobatics, entertaining and skilful at settling them down. Good opportunities for interaction. Just the right length. Many Thanks.

Whitby High School  


A fantastic performance ! A real buzz for 1 hour. Even with only 3 weeks of French , students were fully engaged. They loved it. A big thank you.

Cheney School  


Motivating interest in the languages since 1990