Touring Theatre



Founded in 1990 The Flying Theatre Company has been touring its unique brand of theatre across Europe for over 20 years providing fresh, inventive and highly entertaining performances to over 35,000 people each year.

We have performed throughout the UK, Germany, France and Belgium to all types of audiences. We pride ourselves on flexibility and adaptability taking theatre into different spaces and communities. We have extensive experience performing in a wide range of venues, theatre or arts space as well as community venues and outdoor festivals of all types.

We find great reward in being able to take our work to audiences with varying backgrounds, including those who may not usually be drawn to a theatre performance.

We also offer our high quality productions to schools, performing in English, French, Spanish and German for more information please go to Education.

What makes The Flying Theatre Company unique?

Our performances are original and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

They are very physical and draw on many skills to enable the audience to enjoy the experience.

A fusion of improvisational and popular theatre traditions including:

Comedy – scripts are tailored to the comedy, style of The Flying Theatre Company making every production unique and accessible.

Our performances include a variety of the following: music, live music , singing, and playing of instruments, illusions and special effects, mime, stage fighting, magic.

Circus skills- which can include juggling, balancing – and other feats of daring do !
It is the company policy to make productions visually entertaining at all times with our dynamic theatrical style. 

We can provide our own sound and lighting systems when required and can be completely self-sufficient –dependent on venue.