Viva España!

Age group      From Primary up to and including Year 8
Audience size  No audience limit
Length of performance approx 1 hour ( can be 45 minutes for primary )
Objectives – are to
 - develop a positive attitude to learning Spanish 
 - motivate learning and increase cultural awareness
 - encourage spontaneous use of Spanish with growing confidence
Areas of language covered include:
Up to and including Key stage 2 and 3
Food, the weather, gender, numbers, animals, the countryside, colours, parts of the body, directions, time, pets, members of family, rooms of the house
The Story
Nothing is quite as it seems in this sleepy Spanish village of Madrid. The audience is quickly drawn into a world where paintings can talk, people climb ladders without leaning them against walls and simply laying a table can turn into an act of juggling and balancing. There is even the chance to learn the ‘Dali Direction Rap’.Oh and watch out for the weather forecast because in Madrid it's a real experience!
Style of performance
Lively and interactive with clearly spoken text. Music, comedy and circus skills enable even those with a limited grasp of the language to enjoy and learn from the performance.
Learning Materials Vocabulary list and wordsearch.